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University Governance: Types, Reform and Reponses, a Perspective of History and Comparison

University Governance: Types, Reform and Reponses, a Perspective of History and Comparison


     Lecturer: Professor Huang Futao

     Time: 15:00 C 17:00, March 13, 2013

     Venue: Room 109, Guoxue Building



     About the lecture:

     From the historical and comparative perspective, the lecture fully reviews issues related to university governance. Firstly, it analyzes the concept of university governance and its main type; secondly, it explores the features and changes of these types through cases; thirdly, the paper digs into the fundamental features of university governance in some major countries and regions and summarizes the general trend of university governance reforms in those regions and countries. Fourthly, the paper points out the problems in Chinas university governance and the corresponding means in response.  



      About the lecturer:

      Huang Futao is the doctoral supervisor, tenured professor and Dean of Higher Education Development Dept. in University Research Institute of Hiroshima University. He is bachelor of art, master of education and doctor of education.


      Professor Huang is versatile. He is chair professor in Peking University (2008-2011), chair professor in Shanghai Jiaotong University (2008 -present), adjunct professor in Xiamen University (2009-2011) and Ocean-sky scholar (2009-present) in Dalian University of Technology. He is also member of High Education and Journal Studies in International Education Editorial Advisory Board.


     Main research areas:

     History of higher education in foreign countries, higher education internationalization, curriculum provision and development, quality assurance and assessment of higher education, comparative study of Chinas and American higher education, comparative study on academic occupation, etc.


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