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The Academic Forum of Beijing Higher Education Graduates Held

The Academic Forum of Beijing Higher Education Graduates Held

On June 5th, 2016, the Academic Forum of Beijing Higher Education Graduates was successfully held in the School of Education ofRenmin University of China. The forum was mainly organized by Renmin SOE, with the assistance of School of Education of Peking University,School of Education of Tsinghua University, Faculty of Educationof Beijing Normal University.The theme of the forum was to promote overall construction and development of global top universities in China.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Academic Forum started. People who were invited to attend this forum include Secretary of the Party committee of Renmin SOE Zhang Ru,Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking SOE Yan Fengqiao, Deputy Secretaryof the Party Committee and Vice Dean of Renmin SOE Shen Suping, vice dean of Renmin SOE Zhou Guangli. Besides,dozens of students from different domestic universities gathered together to participate in the forum.

At the beginning, Professor Shen SuPing made an opening speech on behalf of Renmin SOE. She warmly welcomed the educational students’ participation in the forum. Afterwards,she briefly introduced the history and recent development of the school.In the end of her speech, she emphasized that this forum could open up new horizons for researchers and bebenefitial for students’ academic research.

Professor Shen SuPing made an opening speech

The awarding ceremony of the winnors’ papers was followed.

After the ceremony, to participate in the BBS of guests and students came to the gate of the XueGuan took a group photo together.


Professor Yan Fengqiao gave a lecture with the topic "A Comparative Study on the Construction of American Academic Excellence". He introduces the development of higher education in the United States in detail, providing important references to create "double top" universities in China. Then Professor Zhou Guangli, respectively, gave a keynote speech on the institutional innovation on the construction of "double top"universities in China, putting forward that the system innovation is the key tobuild"double top"universities.

The two Professors’ speeches sparked a lively discussion among the students. The problem exchange process was followed. All participants had a more in-depthunder standing of the construction of "double top" universities in China.

Professor Yan Fengqiao do topic report

Professor Zhou Guangli do topic report

Students attending in question

After a brief lunch and break, the sub-forum began in the afternoon. Divided into two seminars, six students reported their winning paper. Professors analyzed their papers and gave them a critical comment. Also,the students who participated in the forum fully expressed and discussed their own views.  

Peking University institute of education PhD Wang Xiaoqing do report

Institute of renmin university of China education PhD Yao Rong for review

Around 6 o'clock in the evening came the end ofthe Academic Forum of Beijing Higher Education Graduates. The forum served as a goodcommunication platform for the educational students, further stimulated their interests in academic research and broadened their academic perspectives.

Inscription by Professor Cheng Fangping 

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