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The Second Educational Law and Policy Forum Held


 On November 5th, 2016, the Second Educational Law and Policy Forum was held in Room 116, Guoxue Building. The forum has attracted more than 100 experts and scholars from Renmin University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Capital University of Economics and Business, South China Normal University, Henan University, Harbin Normal University, Beijing Vocational College of Finance and Commerce, Zhejiang Financial College, Dublin Institute of Technology, Humboldt University in Germany, Ireland and Tianjin Academy of Educational Science, National Institute of Education, the administrative office of the State Council, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Beijing Municipal Education Committee, the Japanese Ministry of Education etc.

The forum consists of the opening ceremony, the keynote speech, expert talk and Q&A. Focusing on the theme of theory and practice on professional educational laws and policies, the forum witnessed 5 report sessions, respectively, presented by 15 experts and scholars.


At 9 o'clock in the morning, the forum officially began. The forum moderator, vice dean of the school of education, Renmin University of China, Professor Shen Suping made the opening speech.


Professor Shen Suping's opening speech


Professor Xing Hu delivered the first report. She is the director of Academic Committee of National Academy of Education Administration and director of Vocational Education Research Center. From the perspective of the governance framework of vocational education policies and laws in China, she streamlined the occupation education policies in recent years, identified the revision process of vocational education law in a historical angle and interpreted the boundary, subject, focus and other issues within the revision.


Professor Xing Hui makes a report


Professor Hu Jinsong, School of Education and Science of South China Normal University, made a keynote speech on the cooperation between school and enterprise. Professor Hu puts forward that the school-enterprise cooperation is a basic form of modern occupation education, defines its legal relationship and legal responsibility, and proposes to promote the cooperation legislation.


Professor Hu Jinsong's speech


Wang Dongjiang from Beijing Municipal Education Board, starting from the practice, discussed the practical problems of Beijing occupation education reform and development in combination of the education management theory. He believed that the current development of Beijing occupation education is facing the challenges of students, major settings, teaching quality and technical issues.


Wang Dongjiangs speaking


The second report will focus on the development of vocational education from the perspective of international comparison. Xu Jing, deputy researcher of the Research Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education, Deng Baoshan, expert from department of Human Resources and Social Security and associate professor Xue Eryong from Beijing Normal University, respectively made a report.


The conference


Audience questions


Experts answering questions on the spot


At two o'clock in the afternoon, the third report starts. Professor Juergen Schriewer from Humboldt University made a speech on the topic of public law in the context of autonomous organizations from the perspective of European history and the experience of Germany. The Japanese Ministry of Education Higher Education International Planning Department researcher introduced the Japanese occupation and occupation planning education regulations and practice. Fang Fang, vice researcher of the rule of law in Tianjin Education Science Research Institute of China made a report on the comparison of vocational education legislation about China and the United States.


Professor Jurgen Schriewers speech


Professor Masaki Yamatas speech

Then on the fourth and fifth report, Paul Osullivan, Professor of the Dublin Institute of Technology of Ireland made a detailed and in-depth analysis on the development of technical education law in Ireland. Li Yuhong, Chen Zhengjiang, Zhang Liyan, Sun Fang and Wang Xingxia and other experts made wonderful speeches thereafter.


Professor O'Sullivan's speech


Sun Shanxue made a summary of the meeting


Sun shanxue, researcher of Capital University of Economics and Business made a concluding remark for the forum. He summarized the speeches and discussions on the key issues related to research of occupation education in China, and fully affirmed the significance of this forum for occupation education research.


Finally, the next session of the forum's theme was announced and the participants and the audience were invited the next forum.


The forum, sponsored by the Institute of Education Law and Policy of School of Education, Renmin University of China, has attracted many experts and scholars from home and abroad. The agenda of the meeting is rich and compact, reflecting the characteristics of basing on the Chinese practice, absorbing international experience, thinking widely from long-term development.


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