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2017 National Higher Education Postgraduate Academic Forum held

May 21, 2017 National Higher Education Theme Academic Forum was held in the second lecture hall of the Yifu Conference Center of Renmin University of China. The theme of the forum is "higher education development and national competitiveness", the Forum Organizing Committee received more than 40 papers submission, nearly 80 national college graduate students participated in the forum.

      Professor Peng Heping (Assistant to the former President of Renmin University of China),   Professor Zhang Ru (Professor of Party Branch of School of Education, Renmin University of China), Professor Shi Xiaoguang (School of Education, Peking University), Professor Shen Suping (Vice President, Party Branch and Associate Dean of School of Education, Renmin University of China), Associate Professor Hu Lifang, Associate Professor Zhan Hongyi, Associate Professor Zhang Wei, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Qu Minchao (School of Education, Renmin University of China) and many other guests were invited to attend.

 Professor Shen Suping delivered an opening speech, she first warmly welcomed the attendance of teachers and students, and introduced the development of the School of Education. She also wished the forum a complete success.

The guests presented awards for the winners and took pictures together. After a short break, the forum continued. Professor Peng Heping and Professor Shi Xiaoguang delivered a keynote speech. Their speeches are rich in content and clear in structure. The students had in-depth exchanges with the two professors.

    In the afternoon, a number of award-winning students reported their award-winning papers, Associate Professor Hu Lifang and Associate Professor Zhang Wei commented on the paper, and gave guidance from the theory perspective and structural innovation.

The forum also set up a "sub-professional construction" and "teacher professional development" two sub-forum. The forum was active and heated. At six o'clock in the afternoon, the forum came to an end.

The National Postgraduate Academic Forum on Higher Education is sponsored by the Graduate School of Education of Renmin University of China. The purpose of the forum is to provide the educational platform for the postgraduates of education in colleges and universities, to stimulate academic research interests and to open up academic horizons.
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