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A Profile of School of Education at Renmin University of China (RUC)


Educational research at Renmin University of China is rooted in its strength programs of humanities and social sciences that are well-known in China. As early as the 1940s, North China Union University and North China University, the predecessor of RUC, both offered programs in education. During the 1950s, RUC offered a specialization program in education with a great number of talents trained in this field, and played an important role in the distribution and research of Marxist educational theories. On February 22nd,1952,due to the restructuring movement, the Chinese Ministry of Education decided to relocate the Office of Teaching and Research at RUC, with all its faculty members, trainees, master students, and cadres as well as invited experts from Russian of altogether 150people, to other sister institutions. Entering the new century, RUC has gradually rebuilt the research group in education: The Institute of Education was established in 1999;The Institute of Higher Education was set up in 2005; On April 6th, 2011, RUC issued an official document to rebuild a School of Education characterized by "High Starting-Point, High Quality, Interdisciplinary" on the basis of the Institute of Education and the Institute of Higher Education so as to further advance the quality of its educational research and improve its core competitiveness in the field. As it stands now, Professor Hu,Juan serves as Executive Dean as Chairman of the School Council.

Ruc was authorized to confer the Master Degree in Educational Law in 2000, to confer the Master Degree in "Educational Economics and Management" in 2001,to confer the Doctoral Degree of "Educational Economics and Management" in 2003, and to confer the Master Degree of "Education" as the first-level in 2005. In 2007, the doctoral program of "Educational Economics and Management" was accredited as "a key discipline in the Municipality of Beijing". By 2012, the number of doctoral students has reached 46, the master student 222, MPA students over 50, and master applicants with equivalent baccalaureate degree over 50 mem0. The number of graduates has reached over 300.    


At School of Education, we have 24 full-time faculty members and researchers, among whom 11 are professors, 5 associate professors and 8 assistant professors. 21 of them have doctoral degrees and 4 received doctoral degrees from overseas. In addition, we have quite a few dual-job or part-time professors. The age structure of our faculty members is desirable and their academic backgrounds are cross-disciplinary. We have both renowned professors who act as mentors in their research fields and a group of middle-aged and young-aged devoted workforce. Over the past years of research, teaching, and social service, the School of Management at RUC has formed four major research areas: Education Development Strategies, Higher Education Management, Education Law and Policy, Education Economics and Society.


The school of Education at RUC now sponsors a quarterly journal entitled "Renmin University of China Education Journal", and is the academic support institutions for the digest journal of "Higher Education". The recently founded "Research Center For Public Policy and Educational Development of Ministry of Education" and "Research Base for Arts Education Reform of Ministry of Education" are also located in our school, serving as important platforms for academic research and talent cultivation.

Taking over 70 years of rich traditions and hoping to relight the educational flame of 60 years ago, the School of Education , under the overall planning and guidance of the "building world-class university" goal at Renmin University of China, will continue to feature its strength programs, revolving around academic work with first-class talents and strong institution-building, guided by the vision of "Facing modernization, facing the world, facing the future", integrating talent cultivation and scientific research, and absorbing the frontier achievements of the academic community, so as to devote ourselves to the exploration of educational theories with Chinese characteristics and the development of the educational cause in China.


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