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Big Events

    1. On November 10th, 1999, the Institute of Education was established

    2. On August 29th, 2000, RUC was authorized to confer the Master Degree in Educational Law. 

    3. On December 26th, 2000, Master Degree in "Educational Economics and Management" was conferred.

    4. On June 29th, 2001, the Institute of Education was incorporated to the School of Public Administration and Policy.

    5. In September, 2003, RUC was authorized to confer the Doctoral Degree of "Educational Economics and Management".   

    6. On January 19th, 2005, the Institute of Higher Education was set up.

    7. On October 28th, 2005, the Association of Higher Education was established and its secretariat was based in the Institute of Higher Education.

    8. In 2006, RUC was authorized to confer the Master Degree of "Education" as the first level.  

    9. On April 23th, 2008, the Doctoral Program of "Educational Economics and Management" was accredited as "a key discipline in the Municipality of Beijing"

   10. On July 14th, 2011, the research center of "Educational Development and Public Policy" belonging to the Ministry of Education was set up in the School of Education.

   11. On November 1st, 2011, the School of Education was established.


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