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Supporting Organizations

The leaders of the party and administration in the School of Education
Titles Name Rights and Responsibility
School Chair Qin Huimin He is in charge of the overall party work
Assistant Dean Li Liguo He is in charge of teaching, scientific researches and student enrollment of the School of Education
Vice Secretary of the CommunistParty Branch Shen Suping She is in charge of administration, students' affairs and party works


Staff of the functional departments in the School of Education

Titles Name Contact Rights and Responsibility
Administer Wang Yamin 82509612 fax 1. Assist the leaders of school in dealing with everyday administrative affairs;
2. Assist the dean in dealing with the financial audit reports;
3. Assist in managing "985" special fund budget and financial executive tasks;
4.Assit the dean in dealing with the personnel matters in school;
5.Responsible for the management of the office equipment of school assets;
6. Responsible for the file management;
7. Responsible for the everyday management of post-doctoral research station; 8. Responsible for the overall logistic work.
The Secretary of the Youth League Committee Qu Minchao 62511125 fax
1. Responsible for students' affairs in School of Education;
2. Responsible for the organization and development, the communication with the party school in Renmin university of China and the examination of the freshmen's political states;
3. Coordinate various tasks related to schoolmates of School of Education;
4. Responsible for the educational administration and training for the students with equal learning abilities.
Academic Secretary Liu Nina 62515916 1. Assist the leaders of School of Education in coordinating everyday educational administration;
2. Arrange the enrollment, training and thesis defense of graduate and doctoral students;
3. Responsible for our school's secrecy office;
4. Assist in the discipline evaluation of our school.
Secretary for Scientific Researches and Foreign Affairs Qin Jiali 62511125 1. Responsible for the application, the project approval, the mid-term examination, the project ending and the evaluation of awards;
2.Responsible for the statistics of teachers' scientific researches and the examination of scientific researches;
3. Assist in international communication affairs of the School of Education;
4. Responsible for the local area network, the use and maintenance of the website of the School of Education;
5. The secretary of the academic committee of the School of Education.
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