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Research Projects

Principal Investigator Title
Center for Higher Education Evaluation on University and Higher Education Quality
Center for Higher Education The Quality of University Presidents in Chinese Universities
Center for Higher Education Higher Education and Urban Capacity for Innovation
Social Sciences Education Base Curriculum Reform in Higher Education
Social Sciences Education Base Internationalization of Higher Education in Arts and Social Sciences
Educational Development and Public Policy Center Higher Education Finance and Budgeting
Educational Development and Public Policy Center Quality Improvement Policies in Higher Education in the Context of Globalization
Educational Development and Public Policy Center University Development Strategies and Planning
Educational Development and Public Policy Center The Role of Higher Education in Chinese Cultural Innovation
Hu1 A Comparative Study on Research Universities in China and US
Principal Investigator Title
Li The Scale and Structure of Graduate Education in China
Shen Students' Learning Rights and Legal Protection
Hu2, Zhang1 A Comparative Study on General Education Curriculum in China and US
Chen A Comparative Study on University By-Laws in China and Other Countries
Zhan Social Returns and Individual Returns to Higher Education Investments in China
Zhou Legal Interpretations on Modern University Institutions
Zhang2 University Fundraising and Endowments
Cao Public Finance Reform and Higher Education Finance Reform in China
Zhang1, Luo Identity Formation of Rural Migrant Children in Chinese Urban Schools
Chen, Zhang1 Inland Boarding Schools for Tibetan and Muslim Students in Beijing
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