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Admission of Master Students


1. The principles of the retest:


In order to make sure that graduate students can succeed in applying for the retest, according to the related rules of the graduate school, these principles are made on the basis of equality, justice, openness, and efficiency. The students who are likely to be enrolled must take this retest. If they pass the retest, they will be enrolled. Our school adopts a balance retest that has a ratio of at least 120%.


2. The structure of the organization:


The school organizes a group of leaders for the retest. This group is responsible for organizing this retest and it consists of the school's dean, the academic leaders and the leading professors who are qualified to guide graduate students. According to the designation of this group of leaders, the teachers of our school are approved to be in charge of this retest's specific issues.


3. The objects of this retest:


The examinees must take the National Graduate Examination and their scores must reach the standard set by our school and be checked by the group of leaders for the retest of our school. Then, their scores should also be examined by the graduate school. After this, the students whose scores have passed these double checks are qualified to take this retest.


4. The content and form of the retest:


A written examination and an oral examination

(1) A comprehensive written examination of disciplines (full mark: 100 points)


A written examination of foreign languages (full mark: 50 points, an exam-oriented foreign language) (at 8:30-11:30 a.m. on March 23th)


The content of the written examination: Test the examinees' knowledge of basic theories, concepts and fundamental theories for practice. The examinees are required to analyze the difficult problems and hot issues of a specialized field.


The method of the retest: In the form of a close examination. The duration of the written examination for professional courses is two hours. The passing score is 60 points. The written examination for a foreign language takes one hour; its full mark is 50 points; its passing score is 30 points.


(2) The interview for professional courses and the comprehensive interview (including a listening test and an oral test for a foreign language) (Time: at 2:00 p.m. on March 23th. PlaceGuoxue 304)


The leader group for the retest consists of at least five professors and it is prepared for several differ-ent series of test contents. The full mark is 150 points. The passing score is 90 points. It will take about 20-30 minutes for an interview with every interviewee.


The content of the retest: Test the basic theories of disciplines and the abilities of practical applications. The comprehensive interview and the oral test for professional courses will be taken at the same time. Theoretically, this retest is meant for better knowing the examinees including testing their capabilities of synthetical analysis and expression, their knowledge of other skills other than the professional knowledge, abilities of scientific researches. This retest also tests the examinees' ideological and political states and creates an opportunity to know the advantages and the hobbies and other information of the examinees.


The listening test and the oral test for a foreign language: Test the abilities of listening, speaking and language application so that the examinees' foreign language skills are fully inspected. The full mark is 50 points. The passing score is 30 points.


5. Time arrangement for the retest:


  (1) The time of the retest for graduate students (the general exam and the entrance exam) will be ar-ranged by the graduate school. The related information will be published on the website of the gradu-ate school.


  (2) The students who will take part in the retest should download their notices for the retest from the website of the graduate school after the middle of March. The list of examinees' names can be checked on the website of the graduate school.


  (3) The retest notice consists of the subject names and the form (an oral test and a written exam) of the retest along with its time and place as well as the arrangement of examinees' physical examination set by our university.


  (4) Before the retest, the students should take their materials of application to a certain place specified by our school and receive the materials' examination. The materials should include the personal ID card of the second generation, the original certificate of graduation (the graduating seniors from colleges and universities as well as those from adult colleges and universities should take their student ID cards that have registered every semester), the original certificate of academic degree; the under-graduate school report, etc..


  (5) The fees of meals, accommodation and the travelling expenses should all be paid by the examinees during the retest.


6. The evaluation of the retest score:


  (1) After the comprehensive examination for professional courses, its scores will be evaluated by the leader group for the retest.


  (2) After the oral test and the interview, the members of the leader group for the retest will respec-tively give a score and the final score will be the average one of each member's score.


  (3) The leader group will technically double check the original scores. Then, the retest score of the comprehensive examination for professional courses, the score of the professional oral test and the interview and the score of the oral test for a foreign language will be summed up as a total score of the retest.


  (4) If all the scores of the retest reach the passing standard, each score along with the score of the primary examination will be summed up according to a specific ratio where the score of the primary examination accounts for 60% and the score of the retest accounts for 40%.


  (5) If the examinees have any doubt about the process of the retest, they can ask the leader group to deal with their questions. And the leader group will arrange certain individuals to check and explain.




7. Delivery of the notice for disqualification of the retest or the notice for disqualification of the double check

Retest Measures of the Admission Tests for Mater Candidates 


  (1) Each score (any score of the exam subject) of the retest does not reach the passing standard, the total score of the retest is regarded as disqualified.


  (2) During the retest, if the students' qualification of application does not reach the required standard or they employ exam-takers or their ideological and political states are disqualified, the double check is disqualified.


  (3) As for the students who are disqualified for the retest or the double check, they will be informed of their disqualification by our school within 15 days after the retest.


  (4) As for the students who do not pass the physical examination, they will be informed by the hospital of our university on the same day when the physical examination notice is delivered.


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