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Shen Suping


       Dr  Suping Shen gained her Ph.D in Education  at Beijing Normal University in 2001.  After her graduation, she worked for the school of public administration, Renmin University of China as Assistant professor (2001), Associate Professor (2004) and Professor (2010). In 2011, she joined the School of Education
At Renmin University of China as Professor.   
      From Oct 2008 to May 2009, Dr Shen was invited as a visiting scholar by the University of Oxford to carry out research on the law of British higher education. Dr Shens research focuses on education law and policy, Higher education administration, and comparative education law. 
      The courses she teaches include: Education Law, Comparative Education policy and Law, and Legal Case Studies in Educational Administration. Dr Shen has been the member of Standing Directory board of Chinese Association of Educational Policy and Law(from Oct.2007) and member of standing directory board of Educational Law Research Institute of Beijing Law Society(from Nov. 2011). She has participated in the drafting or amending of many educational bills and policies such as the Higher Education act, Regulations on the Education of persons with disabilities, School Act, Regulations on Teachers Education, Teachers act, and National Medium and Long-term Educational Planning and Development Program.
     Dr Shen has published many research articles and books, and chaired or participated many projects.    
Some published  books and articles:

Shen, S. (2010): Study on Public Legal person Status of Public Universities in China, Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.
Shen, S. (2009): Education Law: Theories, Rules and Application, Beijing: Educational Science Press.
Shen, S. Comparative case study on school regulations between U.S and China: perspective of the rule of law. Journal of the Chinese Society of Education. 2011/12.
Shen, S. Investigation research on the status of human rights environment of Chinese primary and secondary schools, China Educational Law Review, Vol.8, Educational Science Press, 2010.
Shen, S. Research on the legal status of higher educational institutions in UK, China Higher Education Research, 2010/2.
Shen, S. Analysis of educational rights of the child in the international human rights laws. Comparative Education Review, 2009/9.
Some research projects:
Theoretical and Practical Innovation of Education Law in China (2011-2014), Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, P.R.C
Recent Development and International Comparisons of Issues in Higher Education Law (2010-2013), Supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities and the Research Funds of Renmin University of China
Educational law system of the Persons with Disabilities (2010-2013), Supported by Ministry of Education, P.R.C.
Right to Education (2004-2009), Supported by National Top 100 PhD Thesis Foundation, P.R.C.

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