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Hu Juan

Ms. Hu Juan
PhD in Educational Management
Professor, School of Education, Renmin University of China

     Professor Hu Juan is the director of Higher Education Institution of Renmin University, deputy director of Education Development and Public Policy Research Center, executive editor of Higher Education Digest. She is also an executive member of Beijing Higher Education Society, executive member of Education Evaluation Association of China Higher Education Society, and executive member of College Research Branch of China Higher Education Society.

     Professor Hu Juan is specialized in Education Development Strategies, Higher Education Administration and Institutional Research. Her representative works include ¡°Research on Universitiy Associations¡±(book), ¡°Comparative Studies On Western University Governance¡±(paper), ¡°the Nature of University Governance¡±(paper), ¡°Comparative Studies on the Vocational Development of University Administrators in China, UK and USA¡± (paper), ¡°On Building Research University Union in China¡± (paper), etc.

    Professor Hu Juan¡¯s recent research programs include ¡°Studies on the competitiveness of U.S Research Universities¡±, ¡°Top 50 Universities in China and University Evaluation¡±, ¡°The Empirical Analysis on Internationalization of Chinese Humanities and Social Science (interviews)¡° , ¡°Theories and Practice on University Development Strategies¡±, ¡°Studies on University Associations¡±, etc.

    Professor Hu Juan obtained her Bachelor of Laws and PhD in Educational Management from Renmin University, and Master of Arts from Durham University in England.

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