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Zhang Donghui

Donghui Zhang£¬female£¬

Associate Professor

Research Field: 

Comparative and international education,

Education£¬Culture and society£¬Education Policy



¡¡¡¡ Dr. Donghui Zhang is an associate professor at School of Education, Renmin University of China. She received her Bachelor and Master from Peking University, and Ph.D. from Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. She joined School of Education (the then Institute of Education) at Renmin University of China in 2005 as a returnee scholar from overseas. Her research interests focus on comparative education£¬education, culture and society, educational reform and policy. The courses she has been teaching include: Social Research Methods, Western Educational Theories, Policy Studies in Education, Chinese Educational Development and Policy. Due to her overseas educational background and cross-cultural experiences, Dr. Zhang also teaches courses in English to international students from abroad and maintains frequent contact and collaboration with colleagues and scholars in the international academic community. She is an active member of Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) in the United States and presents regularly on its annual conferences. Starting from 2011, Dr. Zhang serves as the foreign language editor for Renmin University of China Education Journal.
¡¡¡¡ Since 2006, Dr. Zhang has received various research grants from different sponsors in China, such as ¡°A Historical-Comparative Study on General Education Philosophy in China and in the US¡± sponsored by the Research Office in Renmin University of China, ¡°Policy Revision, Regulation Improvement and Curriculum Development for Inland Boarding Classes¡± sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Committee, ¡°Identity Formation of Rural Migrant Children in Chinese Public Schools¡± sponsored by Humanities and Social Sciences Funds, Ministry of Education. As a scholar, Dr. Zhang has published quite extensively both in Chinese journals and in English journals. Selected publications include the followings.

Selected Publications in English:
Zhang, D. (2012). Tongshi Education Reform in a Chinese University: Knowledge, Values and Organizational Changes. Comparative Education Review, .
Zhang, D. (2012). Co-Ethnic Network, Social Class and Heritage Language Maintenance among Chinese Immigrants. Journal of Language, Identity and Education (11)£¬ 1-23.
Zhang, D., & Slaugher-Defoe, D. (2009). Language Attitudes and Heritage Language Maintenance among Chinese Immigrant Families in the US. Language, Culture and Curriculum£¬ 22£¨2£©, 77-92.
Zhang, D. (2008). Between Two Generations: Language Maintenance and Acculturation among Chinese Immigrant Families. New York: LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC.

Selected Publications in Chinese:
Zhang, D. (2012). The Development Trajectories of Comparative Education as a Field in the United States: Reflections over 50 Years. Central China Normal University Journal,
Zhang, D. (2012). Socialization and Parent-Child Alienation among Rural Left-Behind Children: The Cases of Two Rural Left-Behind Children. China Education: Research and Review.
Zhang, D. (2011). Impact Factors on the Quality of English Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Survey Analysis of Jilin Province. Renmin University of China Education Journal (2), 117-126.
Zhang, D. (2010). General Education Reform in Chinese Universities: The Perspective of Organizational Culture. National Educational Administration Journal (4), 33-38.
Zhang, D. (2009). Cultural Diversity and Preferential Policies towards Minority Higher Education Access. In Baher Chen (ed), Asia-Pacific Aboriginals¡¯ and Ethnic Minorities¡¯ Higher Education Issues, Central University for Nationalities Press, 191-199.
Zhang, D. (2008). The Historical Development of Bilingual Education Policies in the United States. Comparative Education Research (6), 61-65.

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