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Hu Lifang

Lifang Hu, female

Associate Professor 


     Hu lifang, graduated from Department of Education at Beijing Normal University, received a master¡¯s degree in Education in 1998 and a doctoral degree in education in 2006 at Beijing Normal University. Now she is an associate professor in the school of Education of the People's University of China. The area of ​​research is higher education principles, policy and management.
     The courses offered include the Introduce of Higher Education, University Curriculum, Education and Social Change; Addition to teaching, Hu devotes herself to academic studies, presided over a series of research projects, published a series of research papers and academic works in the field of higher education.

Some published articles and academic works (sort by time):
On Realizing University Publicity and Optimizing Common Resources deployment£¬Journal of Beijing normal university,2008/4


Discussion about the core issues and principles of the charter of the University£¬China Higher Education Research, 2007/10


Summer School and the Use of Market Mechanisms: Reflections on the Summer School of Research Universities in China, China Higher Education Research, 2009/12


Chinese Modern University Presidents¡¯ Idea and Practice about General Education, Fudan education forum, 2008/3


Traditional Evolvement and Modern Annotation of Confucian General Education Idea, Tsinghua journal of education, 2009/1


University evaluation: A public field£¬Jiangsu higher education, 2009/2


The Assistant Function Of Non-public Resources for University Publicity£¬Exploring education development, 2009/5


Thinking on inconsistency between idea and behavior¡ª¡ªA survey of general education ideas of faculties and students at one Beijing famous university, Modern university education, 2010/1


Open and International and Market-oriented: Some Important Factors of Summer School in Research Universities, Journal of national academy of education administration,2011/4


Decades of development of higher education in china from a research perspective: A study based on the analysis of Higher Education from 1999 to 2009 sponsored by Information Center For Social Sciences,RUC, China Higher Education Research, 2011/10


Undergraduate¡¯s Career Planning and Its Influencing Factors Analysis¡ª¡ªBased on ¡°Chinese Higher Education Panel Survey(CEPS)¡± Data in 2009, Renmin university of China education journal, 2011/4


Funding dependent and internationalization, higher education research transition: A study based on the analysis of Higher Education from 1999 to 2009 sponsored by Information Center For Social Sciences,RUC, Tsinghua journal of education, 2012/2


Rethinking about Modern University Governance in the Perspective of Publicity, Journal of Beijing normal university,2012/4


Market economy and Chinese university publicity£¬ People¡¯s daily press , 2011/1


Some research projects:
Market economy and Chinese university publicity, Supported by National education sciences planning£»


A Comparative Study of the use of market mechanisms within higher education - in China and Japan and South Korea Perspective, Supported by the Asia research center


The public and the market, how to choose? - Reflection on the undergraduate curriculum system£¬Supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities and the Research Funds of Renmin University of China


Issues about China¡¯s general education£¬Supported by the Beijing association of higher educatin£»


Documentary study of China's higher education development and its reform results from 1999-2009, Supported by National education sciences planning

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