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Cao Shujiang

Professor of Economics of Education and  Applied Econometrics.
Office Room:  318   Guoxue Building
Office Hours: By Appointment


Date of Birth: February 13, 1966
Family: Married 12/28/1993 to Fan Kaixiu; one daughter(born 3/18/1995).
   PhD £¨Economics of Education£©,Beijing Normal University 2002
   MA ( Theoretical Physics) Yunnan University 1990
   BA ( Physics Qufu Normal University 1985 

Teaching and Research Interests
Public Finance, Economics of Education, Educational Institution and Organization,Public Policy Analysis, and Applied Econometrics.


Professional Experience / Employment History£º

Renmin University of China ,Professor, School of Education, 2012-Present
Associate Professor, School of Public Administration and Policy, 2002-2011

Rizhao Polytechnic, Shandong Province,Associate Professor (Physics),1994-1999 ¡¡  

Linyi Teachers College, Shandong Province,Assistant Professor (Physics),1985 -1987,1990-1994

Published Papers: 
A Study on the Debt Issue of Regular Institutions of Higher Education in China  China Higher Education Research 2, 2012 ; 63-67.


The Problems and Countermeasures to the Incentive Mechanism of Research University in our country Jiangsu Higher Education 3, 2012; 47-50.


On Some Issues of Method on Quantitative Empirical Analysis Renmin University of China Education Journal 4, Dec .2011; 169-177.(with: Yin Ruo-chen)


Influencing Factors of China¡¯s Local Higher Education Institutions Striving level in Investing Infrastructure Construction Jiangsu Higher Education 2, 2011; 36-39.


The Incentive Mechanism of Local Governments in Our Country and the Governmental Expenditure on Basic Education Social Science Journal 1, 2010; 73-77.


A study of Influencing Factors of Allocation Ratio in Educational Investment-An Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data China Higher Education Research 9,2009; 26-28.(with: Zhang Jing)


Research on the Regional Development Gap of Postgraduate Education in Chinese General Higher Schools China Higher Education Research 4,2008£»40-44.


Investigating the Legal Status of Public Schools for Compulsory Education in China Theory and Practice of Education 28(5), 2008; 28-30.(with: FAN Kai-xiu).


The Research on How to Divide the Investment Responsibility in Higher Education among Governments Finance & Trade Economics 9,2007; 26-32.(with: Dong ke-yong)


On the American Law to Education for the Migrant Population and Its Revelation to China Studies in Foreign Education 34(1),2007;61-65.(with :Zhang hui)


The Rationality in the Marriage and Love and Women¡¯s Life Choices Tea House For Economists 4 , 2007; 112-119.

On the Case of Overlap Group and Its Revelation to the Reform of Chinese Higher Education Comparative Education Review 10, 2006; 17-21, 36.
Study on the Legal Issues of Bank loans in China¡¯s Public Colleges and Universities China Higher Education Research 1, 2006£»85-87
Reasonably Determining the Central Government¡¯s Educational Function , and to Ensure the Education Equity among the Different Regions Social Science Front Bimonthly 2, 2006; 215-218.
Theoretical Analysis on the Decentralization of Chinese Higher Education System Zhejiang Social Sciences 1, Jan .2006; 126-130.
Restating the Soft Budget Constraint of Public Higher Educational Institutions in China Jiangsu Higher Education 1, 2006; 37-39, 45.
Research on the Several Legal Issues of Private Education Education Science.21 (5),
Oct.2005; 14-18.
On Soft Budget Constraint and Financial Decision-making Right of Public Colleges Journal
of Higher Education 26 (10), Oct. 2005; 48-52.
The Separation of State and Church and the Litigation on Public Aids to Private Schools in America Studies in Foreign Education 32 (10), 2005; 58-62.
From Fiscal Neutrality to Educational Adequacy¡ª¡ªAmerican School Finance Litigation and its Role In Advancing Educational Finance Reform Comparative Education Review 25(12), 2004;24-29.
On the Economic Property, the Public-Welfare-Nature , the Not-For-Profit Property and the Market-Orientated Reform of Education Theory and Practice of Education 24(9), 2004; 21-24.
On the Transaction and Contract Selection in Education and the Contract Property of School Education Science 20(3), Jun. 2004; 8-11.
The Soft Budget Constraint of Public Higher Educational Institutions in China Jiangsu Higher Education 2, 2004; 6-9.
On the School Choice of Chinese Fundamental Education Education Science 20(1), Feb. 2004; 4-7.
Risk & Uncertainty in the Educational Strategy and Choice of Families and Individuals Theory and Practice of Education 23(11), 2003; 29-33.
Considerations About the Ownership of School in the Legislation Exploring Education Development 22 (3), 2002; 49-52.
Economic Analysis about the Socialization Reform of university logistics Jiangsu Higher Education 1, 2002; 83-87.
On the Realizable Mechanism of the Educationally Economic Value Theory and Practice of Education 21(8),2001;22-26.(with: Fan kai-xiu)
Research on the Issues in the Development of Private Tertiary Education Jiangsu Higher Education 4, 2001; 89-92.
Issues about Property Rights in Education Education and Economy 4,2001;16-19,15.(with: Fan Kai-xiu )

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