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Cui Sheng


Sheng Cui£¬male
Aug. 1981£¬Assistant Professor

Field of research £º
Educational Finance£¬Economics of Education

Educational Background£º
2006.9-2011.7£¬Beijing Normal University£¬School of Economics and Business Administration£¬PhD. in Educational Economics and Management

1999.9-2003.7£¬Renmin University of China£¬School of Business£¬B.S in Business Administration

Now employed jobs and work experience£º
2012.4- Renmin University of China£¬School of Education£¬Assistant Professor
Center for Educational Development and Public Policy£¬Assistant Professor

2011.7-2012.4£¬ National Institute of Education Sciences£¬Information Center,Assistant Professor

2003.7-2005.4£¬Digital China Holdings Limited£¬Supply Chain Management Specialist

Academic exchanges£º
2008.9-2008.10£¬Tamkang University & National Taiwan Normal University£¬Exchange Student

1999.9-2003.7£¬ Columbia University£¬Teachers College£¬Exchange Student

Current Situation of Taiwan Education Financial Reform£¬Education & Economy£¬No.3 2010


The Change of the Finance System in Compulsory Education£¬Macroeconomics£¬No.6 2009

Education under the background of the International Financial Crisis£¬Education Research Monthly£¬No.6 2009


The Mechanism of Compulsory Education Input Mainly by the County Need to Reform£¬China Economic Herald£¬October 20, 2009£¬5th page


Balancing the Development of Compulsory Education£¬Paper for 2008 China Economics of Education Annual Conference


A measure of equity for education£¬Journal of Educational Development£¬No.10 2007
Estimate of the Proportion of Education in County Finance£¬Education & Economy£¬No.3 2007

The Research on Public Educational Fiscal System under the Framework of Public Finance£¬Coauthor£¬Beijing£ºEconomic Science Press£¬2012


Move to Fair¡ª¡ª2020 Development Blueprint for China¡¯s Urban and Rural Compulsory Education£¬Coauthor£¬Beijing£ºChina Planning Press£¬2010

Research projects:
Participated in the major research project of philosophy and social science ¡°The Research on Public Educational Fiscal System under the Framework of Public Finance¡± (sponsored by the Ministry of Education)£¬and responsible for the research of sub-project "Compulsory Educational Fiscal System"


Participated in the Educational project ¡±Research on Security conditions of Accelerating Popularization of Senior Middle School Education¡±(sponsored by the National Social Science Fund)


Participated in the subject ¡°Policy Research on Compulsory Education Supply for China's Urban Migrant Children¡± (sponsored by Ford Foundation)


Participated in the subject ¡°Research on co-ordinate compulsory education in urban and rural area¡± (sponsored by Academy of Macroeconomic Research SDPC)


Participated in the subject ¡°Research on the Innovation Capability and Overall Quality of the Student Who Get the Honor of China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest¡±(sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology)

Outstanding Research Paper Award of 2008 China Economics of Education Annual Conference

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