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Fu Yao

FU Yao£º Female

Doctor of Management

Assistant Professor


Visiting Doctoral Student£¬Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY(National Scholarship sponsored by CSC)
Ph. D.£¬School of Economics and Business Administration, Beijing Normal University
B.S.£¬Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University


Research Interests£º

Economics and Education;
Educational Finance;
Quantitative Methods in Education;
Education and Labor Market


Main Publications£º
On the Supply of the Children's Compulsory Education of the Migrant Rural Workers¡ªBased on the Cost-sharing Theory. Research in Educational Development, No. 17, 2008


A Review of the Researches on Geographical Cost Adjustment Indexes of Compulsory Education in America. Studies in Foreign Education, No.6, 2010


Present Condition and Thoughts on the Implementation of ¡°Two Exemptions and One Subsidy¡± Policy in the Western Region£¬Journal of Educational Institute of Jilin Province. No.2, 2011


The Discussion of the Sources of the Compulsory Education Expenditure Disparities Among Areas In China, Journal of Changchun Normal University£¨Humanities and Social Sciences£©. No.2, 2011


The Study on Modeling for the Geographic Price of Non-personnel Expenditure in Compulsory Education in China, Renmin University of China Education Journal. No.3, 2011


The Study of Disparities of Compulsory Education Resources Invested Among Urban Areas in China, Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Science Edition). No.4, 2011

UREAG Travel Grant of CIES Annual Conference (2010)
The Academic Achievement of Beijing Normal University (2009)
The Excellent Thesis in The Science on Education (2008)

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