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Luo Yun

Yun Luo , female,

Assistant Professor



Sociology of Education
Social Change and Educational Development in China
Education of Rural Migrant Children in Chinese Cities
Qualitative Research Methods


Ph. D. in Sociology of Education.The Chinese University of Hong Kong,2006
Master of Arts in Higher Education PeKing University, Beijing, China 2003
Bachelor of Arts in Educational.Management.Beijing Normal University, Beijing,China 1998



Sociology of Education(Graduate Level)
Social Change and Educational Development in China(Graduate Level)
Qualitative Research Methods in Education(Graduate Level)
Selective Readings in Sociology of Education (Graduate Level)
Education, Culture and Society (Undergraduate Level)


Articles in refereed journals(in Chinese)
Luo, Y. & Hu, P. (2012). “An Interpretation on Findings of Migrant Workers’Urban
Education Satisfaction: A perspective of Policy Analysis.” (从经济关照到政治回
应:基于流动人口对城市教育服务满意度调查的研究) Exploring Education
Development 10:36-43.


Luo, Y & Wang, Haidi. (2011). The Research of Social Identity of Chinese Migrant Children in Urban Public School.” (城市公立学校中流动儿童的社会认同研究)
Renmin University of China Education Journal 2:106-116.


Luo, Y. (2011). “Migrant Children’s Education in Urban Public Schools: Distinction or
Integration?” ( 城市公立学校中的流动人口子女教育: 区别还是融合)
Exploring Education Development 8:12-15.


Luo, Y. (2010). “The Identity Construction of Universities in the Chinese Mainland
Under the New Regime Since 1949: A Narrative Study on Peking University.”
(“人民的大学”:1949 年新政权下中国大学身份之建构——以北京大学为个
案) Education Journal(Hong Kong)38(1): 71-94.


Luo, Y. (2008). “What is School for?.” (被“看”的学校) Principle in 21st Century 12.


Luo, Y. (2008). “Thinking the political Education in Primary Schooling.” (大爱情怀的
边界:对学校教育实践的思考) Principle in 21st Century 6.


 Luo, Y. & Zhao, Mingren. (2008). “The Policy’s Pursuit and Logic of Payers` Change:
Historical Analysis on the 2007 Free-Normal Education Policy.” (高等师范教育
付费主体变更的政策诉求及逻辑) Journal of Higher Education 4: 55-61.


Luo, Y., Tsang, Wing-Kwong & Lo, Nai-kwai.. (2005). “The Relationship between
Education and Economic Life in the New Context of Western Society: Rethinking
‘Correspondence Principle’.” (新社会背景下教育与经济生活之关系:再思“符
应原则”) Peking University Educational Review 4: 87-94.


Lo, Nai-Kwai. & Luo, Y. (2005). “An exploration of the corporatization in western
higher education.” (西方高等教育的企业化进路) Journal of Higher Education 3:


Book(in Chinese)
Luo, Y. (2012). A Narrative Study on the Identity of Chinese Universities. (中国大学身
份的叙事研究) Beijing: Jincheng Press.




Peking University Educational Review (《北京大学教育评论》)
Global Education (《全球教育展望》)
Renmin University of China Education Journal (《中国人民大学教育学刊》)


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